The Extreme Road and Trail XRT-2 was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate combination of Road Legal and Trail Tough performance in a dump trailer suitable for hauling ATV’s or dumping a 1 ton payload.

The XRT-2 is the only DOT legal ATV dump trailer that hauls an ATV on the highway and then converts to trail behind an ATV off road, dumping loads with the help of its 12V battery powered hydraulic system. Four wheelers, lawn mowers and even compact tractors can all be transported with the XRT-2 by quickly removing the front & rear gates and using them as ramps to load and unload the trailer. Once your machine is loaded simply replace the gates and drive away.

The XRT-2 gets its off-road agility from the heavy duty 2200# axle and unique DOT legal 20.5x8” ATV style floatation tires. The dump bed is operated remotely by an on board 12V battery that powers an electric over hydraulic pump and cylinder, allowing the trailer to dump while hooked to an ATV. With the Extreme Road and Trail XRT-2 you will never again need 2 trailers…one to haul your ATV and a dump trailer to handle heavy chores.

Model: Single Axle XRT-2
GVWR: 2,530 lbs.
Empty Weight: 600 lbs.
Payload: 1,930 lbs.
Tire Size: 20.5x8x10LRC (1,105 lbs. @ 50psi)
Axle: 2,200 lb Super Lube™
Bed Size: 51"x84"
Side Height: 12"
Ramps/Gates: 13"x55" 14ga. Steel w/Anti-skid Coating
Coupler: 2" Ball
16 ga. Floor & Sides
DOT Lighting
4 Stake Pockets
20' Remote Control
12V 425 CCA Battery
2 x 12 Cylinder
12V DC Hydraulic Power Unit
4-Way Plug
Removable Front & Rear Gates Double As Ramps
Detachable Wiring w/Quick Disconnect
Optional Features: Battery Charger/Maintainer
Spare Tire & Wheel
Spare Tire Mount
Aluminum Wheels
D-Ring Tie-Downs